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Updated nouveau benchmarks

January 5, 2012 10 comments

Nouveau developers don’t stop to amaze me. Really.
Not only did they manage to reverse engineer one of the most complex chips is the world, but
the performance recently improved quite a lot:
This is low-mid end mobile Geforce 8400M GS card running at 1280×800.

3D application nvidia binary (FPS) nouveau (FPS) % comments
0AD 48 32 66% oasis map, few seconds into game
Nexuiz 78 50 64% tutorial level, ‘normal’ graphic effect level
unig. tropics 26 16 61% 1st scene, different GL versions
Neverball 183 106 57% 1st level, corner.
unig. heaven 11 6 54% 1st scene
helloracer webGL demo 65 35 53% just start, not move car, maximum
etracer 110 50 45% secret valleys, few seconds into game
supertuxkart 100 45 45% tux tollway, few seconds into race
glxgears 2907 880 30% Yes, I know…
Torc 70 20 28% On default track, few seconds into race

A lot of things changed in nouveau meanwhile.
I switched to KDE, I no longer use compiz. I also benchmarked the games a bit differently,
thus don’t expect same fps for binary driver. These didn’t really regress, I just measure them a bit more accuratly
(but I really didn’t skew the result any way. Moreover I verified that blob didn’t use any image antialiasing, and set
its GL quality mode to performance).

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