About me

I am a hardware (*)hacking enthusiast/programmer that felt in love with low-level hardware programming long time ago.

I am currently studying in University for BSc degree.

I use Linux, because it allows me to access the hardware directly, hack it, and occasionally write drivers for hardware that have no Linux drivers.
It also relieves me from the burden of constant fight against malware present in Windows.
I am aware of the fact that security of Linux isn’t higher that of Windows, it’s just not popular and thus isn’t targeted by malware, but this way or another, regardless of the above, it still has almost no malware.
Also, I wrote Linux and not GNU/Linux on purpose. I am not an open-source zealot!

Sometimes the hardware hacking introduces me to new worlds.
For example I know everything about different types of flash cards, right down to set of commands they accept, because I wrote drivers for a XD and a MemoryStick flash card reader.
Or the Firewire isn’t a fire conducting cable any more for me 🙂 (see below).

Recently for example I fixed few bugs in the firewire stack which prevented me from connecting my two computers to form a peer-to-peer firewire network.
Needless to say that I didn’t need that kind of a connection, but the process of learning how the firewire bus works, the process of fixing bugs was the thing that turned me on.

Of course to give proper credit, fixes in the firewire networking driver followed as a consequence of a fix for a grave bug (memory corruption) in the firewire ohci driver that made kernel crash unpredictably, and as a result of this I though it would be too time consuming for me to attempt to fix it.
Bug was fixed by a very good and very friendly developer of the firewire stack, Clemens Ladisch.
Also, the maintainer of the firewire stack, Stefan Richter, helped me a lot, and in fact rewrote most of my hackish half-baked fixes.

This just shows the nature of open source and makes me enjoy not only the process but also communication with other members of the community.

Another thing that I would remember forever was hacking a driver for my notebook’s built-in infra-red port receiver.
That introduced me to world of IR remotes.
Now for example I understand very well the content of this site 🙂
(Yes, I reproduced the light from the remote on a webcam ;-))

Thats all folks, thanks for reading.

You can reach me via maximlevitsky@gmail.com
See, I don’t obscure my email address. I post a lot to public mailing lists, so spammers know me anyway, (but excellent Gmail spam filter knows spammers very well too, so spammers, don’t bother!)

(*) by hacking I don’t mean breaking into other systems, but rather doing something clever/exciting.
Although I do break into my own systems, like my Android tablet.

  1. riccardo
    September 5, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Thank a lot Max for your mstick linux driver … !

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