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Benchmarks of nouveau latest code

April 1, 2011 4 comments

Nouveau developers don’t stop to amaze me. Really.
Not only did they manage to reverse engineer one of the most complex chips is the world, but
the performance recently improved quite a lot:
This is low-mid end mobile Geforce 8400M GS card running at 1280×800.

3D application nvidia binary (FPS) nouveau (FPS) comments
compiz 220 300 nouveau beats blob here!
neverball 140 90 the 1st level of easy pack, few seconds into the game
nexuiz 160 80 in tutorial level, just as you start it.
Overall, in real play it levels around 50FPS (nouveau)
etracer 120 50 Level: secret valleys, default if you just hit ok,ok,ok…
supertuxkart 100 30 level: race track
TORCS 80 17 default level on quick race
Alien arena 45 25 nouvaeu had blinking artifacts, cured by disabling compiz – game was full screen, default game level
Sauerbraten 45 20 Highest settings, the big valley level

So, nouveau is slower, but it is around 50%-30% of blob performance, and thats is actually better that other open source drivers!
And that with zero documentation!

And since today is special, that is really not a hoax, just ask nouveau developers.

Of course, to achieve these figures I set the card to the highest performance level (blob does that too) and used latest git versions of all nouveau components.

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