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You are telling me that you can’t compile and replace Ubuntu’s kernel?

During testing of my drivers I often notice that users are generally unwilling to compile their own kernel.
I have nothing against that, but just want to tell you how easy is that, comparing to my quest of installing my own kernel on my own android tablet.
(Note that I still didn’t get fully working kernel that boots Android, but just a shell prompt)

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My first blog post: Why I hate Ubuntu now

March 20, 2011 1 comment

Hi my future readers!
I finally decided to start writing a blog (which I registered a year ago, but didn’t update).

This post is about Ubuntu, and how I feel about it, force feeding me its updates.
This is my opinion, I am not trolling, just saying what I think about the ‘we know what is good for you’ routine.

Update: I don’t use Ubuntu any more, I switched back to Kubuntu.

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